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Continuous Sexuality

Sexuality includes all the feelings and behavior linked to sex through either biology or social learning The female of most species is sally active only during valorous estrous period, when she emits a chemical called a protuberance which powerfully attracts and sexually excites males of that species. At other times the female is unperceptive, and without the pheromone, males arc stimulated. In many species the mating season is the only Lime when males and females associate. The human "pees shares with the anthropoids the biological fact of coir will sexuality meaning  the talc may be sexually active ell  lime he human  passes  sexual acceptance are on She-emits no pheromones (as far as  and the male needs none.There are SO peaces whose males and females associate continuously while mating only seasonally Continuous sexuality, there- . fore, is not necessary 101 ,continuous. association, but it is a guarantee that the sexes  associate continuously. This makes continuous sexuality a part of the biological basis for human social life.

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