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Contemporary Education in Other Nations  

Schools In Japan emphasize conformity even at an  early age. Many Japanese people believe that high quality education Is A crucial factoring  heir country's  economic success.

are being taught  Virtually all of Japanese children attend public elementary schools; less than one percent attend a private school. In  japan, he middle school years are especially crucial  Students' futures are based on the academic status track on which they are placed while in  middle  school Moreover.

the kind of jobs they will hold in the future depends on the university or vocational technical  school they attend.  his in turn depends on the high school they attend.

By the third year of  middle school, most students are acutely aware of their academic   future and of how their lives and friendships change as they go through the educational process. as one former student recalled:  Middle  school was fun; I was with my friends and  I could throw myself into sports and 1 didn't have to study very hard. I couldn't be sure which of  my  friends would be with me in high school. Now that am in high school. I know these will be my friends  for life-they've been with me   through very tough times (qt. in White. 1994:77)  Up until high school the student population of a school typically reflects the  neighborhoods in which children live.

However, at the high school level. entrance  to a particular school is based on ability: Some  Japanese  students enter vocational schools that teach  them skills for the workplace; others enter schools that are exclusively for the college-bound.   any analysts have noted the extent to which most Japanese vocational  schools provide state of the art equipment and instruction in fields   with wide employment opportunities. Consequently, graduates of most vocational  high schools do not have problems finding relatively well  aid employment upon graduation. Typically the instruction in Japanese high schools for the college bound is highly structured, and all stu

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