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THE FUTURE OF THE FAMILY If one looks at the divorce rate and dwells on the gloomy strictures of the marriage critics it ia easy to wonder whether the family has a future. But there is firm evidence that marriage and the family are not dying. The one-divorce-to-two-marriages ratio is misleading since it implies that half the people get divorced, which is…

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INTERRELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER INSTITUTIONS No institution is more closely intertwined with other institutions than, the family. For example, the form of the family is related to the economy. The slash-and-burn agriculture of the Tanala required a work team of several strong men, making the consanguine family an efficient work unit [Linton, 1?36, chap. 20). One family historian attributes the rise of the modern…

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THE SEXUAL REGULATION FUNCTIONS HAVE DIMINISHED. Although most sexual intercourse is still marital, the proportion has probably fallen below the 90 percent figure claimed by Kinsey in 1948 [p. 588). Research studies show no great change in premarital sexual behavior between 1948 and 1965, but after 1965 females began catching up (or down?) to the male figure of about four out of five being…

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FUNCTIONS OF THE FAMILY The family in any society is an institutional structure which develops through a society’s efforts to get certain tasks done What are  he tasks commonly performed through the family? The Sexual Regulation Function The family is the principal institution through which societies organize and regulate the satisfaction of sexual desires. Most societies provide some other sexual outlets.…

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The Reproductive Function

The Reproductive Function Every society depends” primarily upon the family for-the business of production children. Other arrangements are theoretically, possible, and most societies arrange to accept children produced outside a marriage relationship. But no society has established a set of norms for providing children except as part of a family.

The-Socialization Function

The-Socialization Function All societies depend primarily upon the family for the socialization of children into adults who can function successful in that society. Thinkers from Plato to Huxley [1932, 1958)  have speculated about other arrangements and dozens of experiments in communal child rearing have been attempted and abandoned, After the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union experimented with removing children from, families to raise…

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The Importance Of The Family In The Socialization

The Importance Of The Family In The Socialization The importance of the family in the socialization process becomes clear when its impact is compared with that of other influences. example, Mayeske (1973] studied the roles of racial-ethnic group, social class, and quality of school attended as causes of different rates of learning in children. lie found that none of these…

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SOCIALlZITION IN THE MULTI PROBLEM FAMIlY A ‘multiproblem family” is one with a depressing assortment of problems and inadequacies. It is usually poverty-stricken and conflict-ridden, is often fatherless, and is beset by other problems such as  unemployement and irregular work habits, alcoholism, drug addiction, illegitimacy, dependency, delinquency, and physical and mental illness. Such families fail to fulfill any of the…

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The Affectionate Function

The Affectionate Function  Whatever else people need, they need intimate human, ‘response. Psychiatric opinion holds that probably the greatest single cause of emotional difficulties,. behavior problems, and-Evert of physical illness, is lack of tot», that is, lack of. a warm, affectionate relationship with a small circle of intimate associates [Fromm, 1956; Schindler, 1954, chap. 10; Mahayana, 1968]. A mountain of data shows…

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The Protective Function

The Protective Function In all societies the family offers some degree of physical, economic, and psychological protection to its members. In many societies any attack upon a person is an attack upon that person’s entire family, with an members bound to defend the family member or to revenge . the injury. In many societies.guilt and shame are equally shined by all family…

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