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The Rural Revolution

The Rural Revolution REDUCED ISOLATION. Two generations ago the isolation. of rural life could be measured by the contrast between the styles shown in the Sears, Roebuck catalog and those on the , pages of a metropolitan newspaper. Today the styles are similar. The automobile and good roads have wrought a transformation  of rural and village life which is difficult for the…

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THE RURAL COMMUNITY The physical and social conditions of urban and rural life are different. Consequently there are differences in the .personality and behavior of urban and rural people. These differences have provided endless source material for the novelist and the playwright and continue to interest the sociologist Traditional Characteristics of Rural Life Rural telecommutes are not all alike. Edwards [1959) distinguishes at…

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THE CHANGING COMMUNITY The social life people lead is affected by the kind of community in which they live. The community is as old as humanity-or even older, for our subhuman ancestors probably shared a community life. A community can be defined ether as a human group (town, city, village) or as a body of sentiment (sense of commitment, loyalty) [Gottschalk,…

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