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Master Status

Master Status If we Occupy different statuses. how can we determine which  he most important? Sociologist Everett Hughes lied that societies resolve this ambiguity by determining master statuses. A master status is the most important status a person occupies; it dominates all of the individual’s other statuses and is the overriding ingredient in determining a person’s general social position (Hughes, 1945). Being poor…

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Status A status is a socially defined position in a group or society characterized by certain expectations, rights, and duties. Statuses exist independently of the specific people occupying them (Linton. 1936); the statuses of professional athlete, rock musician, professor. college student. and homeless person all exist exclusive of the specific individuals who occupy these social positions. For example. although thousands of new…

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Component of social Structure

Component of social Structure  The social structure of a society includes its social positions the relationships among those positions, and the kinds of resources attached to each of the positions. Social structure also includes  the groups that make up society and the relationships among those groups (Smelser(, 1988). We begin by examining the social positions that are closest to the individual.

Social Structure The Macro level Perspective Social structure provides tr:’! framework within which we interact with others. This framework is an orderly, fixed arrangement of parts that together make up the whole group or society  As defined in Chapter I, a society is a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant…

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Eisner’s Eisner’s  diving” activities reflect a specific pattern of social behavior. All activities in life-including scavenging in garbage bins and Jiving “on the streets”-are social in nature. Homeless persons and domiciled persons (those with homes) live in social worlds that have predictable patterns of social interaction. Social interaction is the process by which people act toward or respond to other people and…

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