Sex and Gender

Adult Gender Socialization

Adult Gender Socialization Gender socialization continues as women and men complete their training or education and join the work force. Men and women   re taught the “appropriate”  type of conduct for persons of their sex in a particular  job or occupation-both by their employers and by co-workers. However, men’s socialization usually docs   not include a measure of …

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“You Can Never BeToo Beautiful” and Teen Plastic Surgery

“You Can Never Be Too Beautiful” and Teen Plastic Surgery Chinese teenagers are being given cosmetic surgery by their parents as a  ward for their hard work in school. Three hospitals in Guangzhou reported   hat 90 percent of their plastic surgery patients were middle  school graduates   .. [whose) parents were paying for the surgery to reward children for passing   …

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Sports and Gender Socializatio

Sports and Gender Socialization Children spend more than half of their non school time in play and games. but the type of games played sometimes differs with the  child’s sex. Studies indicate  that boys are socialized to participate in highly competitive. rule-oriented games with a larger number   f participants than games played by girls. Girls typically  are socialized to …

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Teachers, Schools, and Gender , Socialization

Teachers, Schools, and Gender , Socialization From kindergarten through college, schools operate as a rendered institution. Teachers provide important messages about  gender   rough both the formal content of classroom assignments and informal interactions  with students. Sometimes, gender-related messages from teachers and other students reinforce  gender roles that have been taught at home; however,  teachers may  also contradict parental socialization. During …

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Peers and Gender Socialization

Peers and Gender Socialization Peers help children learn prevailing gender-role stereotypes. as well as gender-appropriate and gender inappropriate behavior  Hubbard and Southwestern,  1998). During the preschool years. same-sex peers have a powerful effect on how children see  heir.gender roles  Tobacco and Jacklyn. 1987);children are more socially  acceptable to their peers when they condor~l to  implicit societal norms governing the …

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Parents and Gender Socialization

Parents and Gender Socialization From birth. parents act toward Children on the basis of the child’s sex. Baby boys are perceived to be less fragile than girls and   end to’ be treated more roughly by their parents. Girl babies are thought to be “cute. sweet. and cuddly’ and receive more gentle  treatment. Parents strongly influence the gender-role development …

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Single Mothers with Children Under 18

Single Mothers with Children Under 18 dramatically in recent years; others remain largely unchanged over time. ‘Jan}’ parents prefer boys to girls because of  stereotypical ideas about the relative importance of males  and females to the future of the family and society Although some  rents prefer boys to girls because these  parents believe old myths about the biological inferiority of …

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Gender and Socialization

Gender and Socialization We learn gender-appropriate behavior through the socialization process. Our parents, teachers, friends, and the media all 5<” ve  s  endered institutions that  communicate to us our earliest, ami often most lasting, beliefs about the social me.nungs of being male  r female and about thinking and behaving in masculine or feminine ways. Some gender roles have changed

Postindustrial Societies

Postindustrial Societies Chapter 5 defines postindustrial societies as ones in which technology supports a service- and information based economy. In  us  societies. the division of labor in paid employment is increasingly based on whether  people provide or apply information or are  employed in service jobs such as fast-food restaurant counter help or health care workers. For both women and men in …

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Industrial Societies

Industrial Societies  An industrial society is one in which factory or mechanized production has replaced agriculture as the  majordomo of economic  activity. As societies industrialize, the status of women tends to decline further. Industrialization in the  noted States created a gap  between the unpaid work performed by women at home and the paid work that increasingly …

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