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Implementation of Ethnic Group Rights

Implementation of Ethnic Group Rights Soon after the enactment of the civil rights legislation of the 1950 s and 1960 s became clear that many blacks would still be poor. Thus, the claim arose that disadvantaged ethnic minorities were entitled not only to equal opportunities but to equal rewards-the .group-rights concept. . There are four main policies which American society has followed…

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BILINGUAL EDUCATION In previous years, immigrant children were thrown into an English- language school system with little special help. Some had difficulty and dropped out; others mastered the language and did well. In any event, the public schools were regarded as a great assimilating agency. In recent years, this policy has been attacked as disrespectful to the non-English language group.and as burdensome to the…

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RACIAL AND ETHNIC CLASSIFICATION “Race” is a troublesome concept, for it has no generally agreed upon meaning. In pop- ‘. ular usage, “race” may mean all of  umanity (the “human race”), a nationality (the “German race”), or even a group which is mixed in nearly all respects but socially designated as different (the “Jewish race”). Almost any _kind of category of people…

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