Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle Factors As noted previo  social epidemiologists also examine lifestyle choices as a factor In health, disease. and impairment, We will examine three lifestyle factors as they relate to health: drugs. sexually transmitted diseases, and diet and exercise . Drug Use and Abuse What is a drug? There are many different definitions. but for our purposes. a drug is any substance-other…

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Health in the United States

Health in the United States Even if we limit our discussion (for the money)  to people in the United States, why are 50111 of us healthier than others? Is it biology our genes-that Social Epidemiology The field of social epidemiology attempts to answer  questions such as these. Social epidemiology is thestudy of the causes and distribution…

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Health in Global Perspective

Health in Global Perspective Studying health and health care issues around the world offers insights on illness and how political and economic forces shape health care in nations. Disparities in health are glaringly apparent between high-income and low-income nations when we examine factors such as the prevalence oflife-threatening diseases, rates of life expectancy and infant mortality, and access to…

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HEALTH,HEALTH CARE AND DISABILITY The everyday life of a doctor like Atul Gawande is filled with its high and low points: Some patients benefit from medical treatments that they receive from physicians. whereas others have sustained injuries or developed illnesses that are too severe or are beyond the scope of current knowledge and practice in the health care system to be…

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