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Asian American Families
Many Asian Americans live 10 nuclear families; however others (especially those residing in Chinatowns) have extended family networks. The family of Tony Horn, a twenty-rive-year-old Chinese American. is an example of what is known as a semi extended family because other relatives live close by but not necessarily in the same household My grandparents were always close by. When ·we lived in an apartment they were always a few floors up. Now. my parents have a two family house. and my grandparents live next door. So this was always pointed out to me. Maybe they are fearful that one day we would become too Americanized and not take care of them. You always hear them talking about how the "lo-fans" (referring to Caucasians) don't take care of the elders. while the Chinese community prides itself on how it takes care of its old family members. (qtd. in Lee, 1992: 153) Unlike Tony's family. extended family networks of some Vietnamese Americans are limited because some family members died in the war in Vietnam and others did not emigrate to the United States (Tran.1988).

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