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Anthropologists and sociologists are interested in studying human behavior; however, there arc differences between the two disciplines, Anthropology seeks to understand human existence over geographic space and evolutionary time (American Anthropological Association. 2001). whereas sociology seeks to understand contemporary social organization. relations. and change. Some anthropologists focus on the beginnings of human history. millions of years ago, whereas others primarily study contemporary societies. Anthropology is divided into four main subfields: sociocultural, linguistic. archaeological. and biological anthropology. Cultural anthropologists focus on culture and its many manifestations. including art. religion. and politics, Linguistic anthropologists primarily study language because culture itself depends on language. Archaeologists are interested in discovering and analyzing material artifacts-such as cave paintings, discarded stone tools. and abandoned baskets-from which they piece together a record of social life in earlier societies and assess what this information adds to our knowledge of contemporary cultures. Biological (or physical) anthropologists study the biological origins, evolutionary development. and genetic diversity of primates. including Homo sapiens (human beings). Clearly. some cultural anthropologists would be interested in the issue we have looked at ill this chapter-why people consume items of material culture and how their behavior as consumers is interwoven with all other aspects of social life in this society.

Posted on September 5, 2014 in The Sociological Perspective

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