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An Overview of Education

Education is the social institution responsible for the systematic transmission of knowledge. skills. and cultural values within a formally  organized structure. Education is a powerful and influential force  force in contemporary societies. As a social institution. education imparts  slues, beliefs, and knowledge considered essential to the social reproduction  of individual personalities and entire cultures (Bombardier and  assertion, 1990). Education grapples  with issues of societal stability and social change, reflecting society even as it attempts to shape it.

aryl socialization is primarily informal and takes place  within our families and friendship networks; socialization then passes to the schools  ND other, more formalized organizations created for the specific purpose of educating people. Today. education is such a  Significant social  institution that an entire sub field of sociology-the sociology of enumeration-is devoted to  its study. How did education emerge as such an  important  social institution in contemporary industrialized nations? To answer this.question, we begin with a brief examination of  education in historical-global perspective.

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