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Alternative Forms of Organization
Many organizations have sought new and innovative ways to organize work more efficiently than the traditional hierarchical model. In the early 19805.there was a movement in the United States-to humanize bureaucracy to establish an organizational environment that develops rather than impedes human resources. More-humane bureaucracies are characterized by (1) less-rigid hierarchical structures and greater sharing of power and responsibility by all participants. (2) encouragement of participants to share their ideas 'and try new approaches to problem solving. and (3) efforts to reduce the number of people in dead-end jobs. train people in needed skills and competencies. and help people meet outside family responsibilities while still receiving equal treatment inside the organization (Kanter. 1983. 1985. 1993/1977). However. this movement has been overshadowed by globalization and the perceived strengths of systems of organizing work in other nations. such as Japan.

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