AGING AND INEQUALITY BASED ON AGE Assignment Help & Writing Service


Unlike so many career shifts she had made over the years, this one did not go smoothly. Her calls to prospective employers often went unanswered. Her resume did not always open doors. She looks as if she’s in her 50’s, but her resume makes it clear that she’s in her 60’s, and suddenly the years of experience that have been her   reatest  strength somehow disqualified her.Mom did not take this quietly. “I know more than I did 20 years  ago, and my brain works as well as it did 30 years ago;’ she said. The problem, she points out, is not with her generation, but with mine.  Employers-who are your age-have dismissed people who are my ag ;’ she said. -Journalist Lisa Belkin (2006) describes the problem that many older workers  including her mother, encounter in finding new jobs. However, the story had a positive outcome for Belkin’s mother: She eventually found the fulfilling job that she was seeking.

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