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Academic tenure protects a teacher from summary dismissal either because of the teacher’s ideas or simply because of favoritism by principals and superintendents. Teachers ‘and professors may be – dismissed “for cause,” after orderly dismissal procedures, although this is rare and there is some justice to the claim that tenure protects mediocrity. Since tenure. makes dismissals- difficult, it is often attack 05 e wto would like to silence those who not, share 6 their views. During the  attacks’  tenure came from extreme conservatives who wished to banish “radicals” fl)o~ the campus. ” Today, attacks occasionally come from leftists who want to banish the “conservatives” who resist having the university promote the radical reconstruction of society [Kagan, 1982]. Tenure and seniority have recently been strained by staff reductions:~any colleges and public schools have had to reduce staff because of enrollment decline or budget cuts. Minorities and females were disproportionately hired in recent years to correct past discrimination. If staff cuts now follow seniority rules Hast hired, first flred); this will result in the disproportionate layoff of minorities and women, erasing affirmative action gains of recent years. Seniority rights and minority rights are in conflict in this situation, and, there is no easy solution.

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