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Correspondence schools and correspondence courses . offered by accredited colleges and universities make many courses available to part-time and physically isolated students. , . TRADE SCHOOLS. Trade schools of many kinds offer specialized skills- training. Barber and beauty schools, business schools, electronics schools, ‘and many others offer skills training without the “ornamental” subjects. They range from excellent to execrable. Many offer good technical training and placement . services at modest C0ct. Some are mediocre, givingindlfferent training, often without regard to the job opportunities in the field. A few are rackets, -arousing high hopes’ with glowing promises, collecting fat fees, and then “cooling out” the student with indifference and inattention; The best test is the proportion of enrollees who complete training andfind employment in the field. Any school that will not produce a list of employed graduates should be distrusted.

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