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It was different for a person to live comfortably  joining a by setting complete with set want staff could one live in comfort. Today the physical account orations are more favorable-famished its and maid service, wash-and times, laundromats. and catering  of many kinds make it easier for the  Historically, women With' parents or relatives until married. .Any',younger woman who wished to live- alone was suspected of evil intentions. Today one's own apartment and set of wheels have become almost symbols of passage into adult status. Single person households have .increased from 4.7 percent of all households in 1950 to 23 percent in 1981, with 50 percent of the females and 69 percent of the males between 20 and 24 being single ,[U.S. Burl!au of the Census, 1982 b). Number of books have been written in praise of the single. life-style [e.g., Adams, Single Blessedness, 1976). While opinions on single "blessedness" may vary, the increase in single-person households is a highly significant change in American family patterns [Stein, 1981]. For example, the single person is more vulnerable to many of life's hazards (such as illness or unemployment) and more  susceptible to deviation than are people living in families [Davis and Strong, 1977]

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